Platinum Boers



Platinum Boers is located west of Vinita on Historic Route 66, in the great state of Oklahoma.  The owner, Evie Gates, is a dedicated showman that has shown all over the United States. 


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Platinum Boers:

Is owned by Evie Gates and is located in Northeast Oklahoma in "Green Country".

Evie started raising and showing boers meat goats when she was very young and has worked vary hard to learn about the industry she is involved in.

As the years have gone on the success of Evie Gates in the show ring has brought her to a place where she founded her own business and adopted the name "Platinum Boers" in 2008.

Her father, Van Gates, and Mother, Rochelle Gates, support her business venture and have supplied Evie with opportunities to become better in an industry that she is very interested in.

With the guidance and support of people like Mary Danial, Betty and Gerald Petterson, Fred and Gwen Vandermartin, Dawn Steward, and other adults in the industry, Evie has continued to succeed with her business and thrive in the show ring with her quality show goats.

We are a full service facility that can board and help you show your goats. 

Learning how to exhibit your animals is just as important as keeping them fit, fed and properly groomed.

Showmanship is an essential part of exhibiting. A well presented animal looks and handles better to the judge.

It is all part of getting to the top in a class.  Everyone must be prepared.

Hopefully we can help you find your way there.