Platinum Boers



Platinum Boers is located west of Vinita on Historic Route 66, in the great state of Oklahoma.  The owner, Evie Gates, is a dedicated showman that has shown all over the United States. 


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Evie has aquired 5 new does from Blue Top Farm that are being added to the show string. Watch for these does at the next ABGA sanctioned show, along with Jackpots. See you soon.


We had a great time at Tulsa. Two of the three Does Evie showed at the Junior Doe show made the sift and placed 8th in their respective classes.


Mega Star was the Reserve Grand Senior Doe. All others placed.


All around a great time.


With a busy schedule in FFA hopefully we will get to a few more shows prior to the end of the year.


Platinum Boers has some very nice doe kids available for sale.


We are all out of wethers until next march.  Let us know if we can help you with anything.


Thanks to all our customers and friends for a wonderful successful year.


Our Annual Sale is in the works "Getting To The Point"  check out the Up Coming Sales page for more info